About NPI

NPI-Europe is an international association of production, logistic and trading companies. We deal in development, production and realization of hand tools. We use innovative engineering solutions and control all the materials and production stages.

We have high-level requirements to results and effectiveness of our work. The strategy of the association is achievement of goals in circuit of professional quality, permanent development of assortment and implementation of the newest technologies of modern industry.

Main priorities of company’s work are:
- outspokenness in dealing with partners
- satisfaction of the highest consumers’ requirements
- system approach in solution of any tasks
- responsibility, professionalism and competence of our team.

We are always ready for partnership anywhere in the World, and we would be glad to have you among our strategic partners!

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Our advantages:

It is widely known that work organization, traditions and mentality are different in different countries and continents; however - tools are held by human hands. That’s why principles of ergonomics and usability of NPI tools underlie engineering of every our product. Materials that we use pass through multilevel quality control; progressive technologies which are used at every stage of production allow us to produce tools for excellent and safe work of true professionals. The vision of NPI tools has been developed through many years of engineering research work, rich experience of production, sales analysis and permanent feedback from our partners. Our goal is to unite in NPI tools American approach to marketing and durability, high European standards and demands in quality, traditional simplicity and innovativeness of modern Asia. Putting this together, we are proud to present to you professional NPI tools - shining example of combination of the highest quality, durability, high performance and fair price.

Putting this together, we are proud to present to you professional instruments “NPI” – a shining example of combination of the highest quality, durability, high performance and fair price.



GS marking is a German mark which certifies that the product is safe and easy-to-use. GS abbreviation stands for «Gepr?fte Sicherheit», which means «Guaranteed Safety» in German. GS marking is based on the Equipment and Product Safety Act (GPSG).

GS mark is a voluntary marking. It shows that the product has been checked for security by an independent organization, which execute constant manufacturing control of the product.


VDE - Association of German Electrical Engineers' (Verband der Elektrotechnik) certification system, supported by the Testing and Certification Institute (PZI). NPI VDE-tools satisfy all the requirements for working under 1000 V AC and 1500 V DC. Only VDE and GS certified tools provide safety according to internaional regulations. Moreover, all the products are marked with double triangles with specification of possible voltage. insulation thickness conforms to international IEC 60900:2004 standards.


EAC- Eurasian Conformity is a product marking to indicate that the product have passed all the estimation procedures specified in Eurasian Economic Community regulations. It means that the product conforms to all the regulations which apply this type of production and also can be serviced in all manufacturers service-centres everywhere in EAEC countries.


IEC 60900- This certificate means that instruments provide greatest possible protection while working under 1000 V AC and 1500 V DC. Since 1987 international IEC 60900 standard formalised requirements to instruments for working under high voltage, and international DIN EN 60900 standard obligates EU countries to obey these rules since 01.08.1995. NPI dielectric tools with 1000V mark have been checked for breakdown strength under 10000 V AC.


DIN- Deutsches Institut f?r Normung (German Institute for Standardization) is German national organization for standartization, and is ISO member. Nowadays there are approximately 30000 DIN standards, comprises all production circuits and modern technologies. DIN mark is one of the most effective all-right markings that could be provided to consumers.


ISO- ISO 9000 and ISO 14000 standards are wide-spread in the world. Both standards have generic character and are applied for any organization, regardless of its' line of business and size. ISO 9000 is a standard of quality regulation. It is necessary to implement technologies and control procedures which are aimed at high-level satisfaction of consumers' needs and provide good quality of goods and services in accordance with the legal provisions to get ISO 9000 certificate.


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